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Inserts come in one of 3 types, and are called so because of their design that enables pipes to ‘insert’ themselves into one side, while the other is welded on to another size pipe – usually one of a smaller size – thus acting as a reducing fitting.  The ‘insert’ side of these Fittings come in either a threaded or socket weld design, depending on applicability.

The type 1 insert has a slight bevel from the ‘insert’ part as it reduces through the fitting.  This enables larger sizes to be reduced without an excessively weighted fitting.

The type 2 insert is a cylindrical piece, and the easiest to fabricate.  This type of insert is the most common design.

The type 3 insert has a reversed bevel, and a slight lip that increases the outside diameter of the piece from the ‘insert’ portion through the fitting.  This allows the fitting to safely sustain sufficient pressure while enabling a one step reduction.

We provide all types of Inserts all sizes and ends, in a wide range of stainless Steel, chrome-moly, and Other alloys.

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