Branch Connections

Branch Connections (also known as olets) are Fittings which provide an outlet from a larger pipe to a smaller one (or one of the same size). The main pipe onto which the branch connection is welded is usually called the run or header size. The pipe to which the branch connection provides a channel is usually called the branch or outlet size. We provide Branch Connections in all sizes, types, bores, and classes, in a wide range of stainless Steel, chrome-moly, and Other alloys.

As you know, Pro-Flange has been supplying quality branch Fittings (olets) for many years. We are pleased to announce that we have designed a Consolidation Table of Run Sizes. This table illustrates the consolidated run sizes for all outlets. Pro-Flange supplies olets according to this table, which aids in decreasing delivery times, minimizing inventory, and keeping prices competitive for all our customers.

The table works in the following manner: rather than stocking or supplying a specific olet with a full range of outlet sizes, run sizes are combined that meet dimensional requirements for that particular range. For example, an 8” X 1” S40S WOL is stocked and supplied as a 10” – 6” X 1” S40S WOL and can be applied to any application with an outlet between 10” and 6”. This consolidation eliminates the need to stock three separate items, but still leaves Pro-Flange with the ability to supply branch Fittings for any of these requirements.

If you would like to a copy of this Consolidated Table of Run Sizes please click on the link here to download one.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact our sales team.